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Olympus Innov-X Delta XRF Analyzer

Olympus Innov-X Delta XRF Analyzer
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Model: Olympus Delta
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The DELTA Line

The DELTA Line of ruggedized XRF analyzers offers a range of high-productivity tools that efficiently, and accurately meet your geochemical analysis requirements. From the DELTA-50 Premium, optimized for rare earth elements (REEs), to the DELTA Classic, configured to meet an array of applications, it's easy to choose the optimal DELTA portable XRF analyzer for your analysis needs.

DELTA-50 Premium

The ideal handheld analyzer for rare earth element (REE) exploration, and grading with a 4 W 50 kV X-ray tube. The large-area, high performance SDD works in conjunction with the higher voltage output of the tube to enable better sensitivity for important high-Z elements, including REEs, cadmium (Cd), and silver (Ag). The DELTA-50 Premium model is referred to as DP-4050EX.

DELTA-50 Premium

DELTA Premium

The Premium combines a large-area, high-performance SDD, and a 4W optimized X-ray tube, making it the ultimate solution for ultra-quick, analytically demanding applications, and superior light element (Mg, Al, Si) analysis. The DELTA Premium model for Mining Analysis is the DP-6000 series and for Exploration Soil Analysis is the DP-4000EX series.

DELTA Premium

DELTA Standard

. The new standard in handheld XRF. The Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) provides excellent speed and LODs, in addition to good light-element analysis capabilities. The DELTA Standard models for Exploration Soil Analysis are the DS-4000EX series and for Mining Analysis are the DS-6000 series.

DELTA Standard

DELTA Classic

A high-tech, flexible analyzer for typical XRF analysis applications, our classic DELTA analyzer is equipped with an SiPIN detector. The DELTA Classic models for Exploration Soil Analysis are the DC-4000EX series and for Mining Analysis are the DC-6000 series.

DELTA Classic

Product Package Options

The DELTA XPLORER Package - Mobile GPS-GIS Mapping Solutions for your XRF

Pioneed by Innov-X goglogists, the Xplorer package seamlessly combines XRF-generated data into your GIS package in the field in real time. The outcome for the exploration geologists is time and cost savings, improved data integrity, and an integrated, automated data management and validation process. The ability to map, visualize, assess, and follow up on targets immediately has genuinely changed surface soil/sediment geochemical exploration methodologies for the better.

  • Field Portable XRF data is transferred wirelessly, and spatially registered in real time using industry-standard Mobile GIS and State of the Art Trimble GPS Hardware, in addition to GIS software (ArcPAD or Discover Mobile)
  • The result is live geochemical mapping in the field for visualization, gridding, and contouring in GIS, leading to rapid, informed decision making
  • Seamless integration into powerful geochemical analysis software such as ioGAS for first class validation and QZ/QC
  • Reduces human error related to XRF data transfer, GPS coordinate merging, and GIS integration

DELTA handheld XRF with GPS/GIS Mapping solutions

For more information on the DELTA XPLORER Package Option, contact the Sales Department.

Product Accessory Options

All DELTA models come with the following Standard Accessories:

  • Waterproof carrying case
  • (2) Li-ion batteries
  • Users Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • Docking Station w/ integral charging station for additional battery
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • 316 Calibration Check reference coin
  • (10) Spare windows
  • DELTA PC Software
  • Factory Training & Support
  • Two-year warranty parts & labor (excludes batteries)

Easy Access Holster

The following optional DELTA Accessories are also available.

DELTA handheld XRF analyzer in soil stick for mining explorationPortable Workstation

Fully shielded, rugged test stand for benchtop or remote controlled testing. (NOTE: Advanced PC Software is Included)

Soil Foot & Stick

Attaches to handle of DELTA analyzer, balancing analyzer on ground for hands-free, extended in-situ testing.

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