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Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

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Product Description

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter's latest, top of the line metal detector, features enhanced target identification with easy to use custom programs, a ground balance control, expanded depth reading and a jumbo LCD Display screen. At just over two pounds, this is one lightweight, modern Bounty Hunter metal detector that offers exceptional performance.

Advanced Features, Yet Easy To Use!

Tired of metal detectors that are so complicated that they make your head spin? Are you looking for an easy to use metal detector that offers top of the line features that anyone can use? The wait is over, the Bounty Hunter Platinum has arrived! Simply hit the power on button and you are ready to start treasure hunting. No complicated setup routines. This detector is ready to start finding treasure from the moment you turn it on.

Our Best Value!

When Bounty Hunter introduced the new Gold and Platinum metal detector models, we realized that they had just made available two detectors that would open up the hobby to many new treasure hunters. The Bounty Hunter Platinum model is not only easy to use but is one of the most versatile detectors we have seen in a while. This unit will help you locate the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics in all ground conditions. One metal detector that does it all! The Bounty Hunter Platinum is great for both the first time treasure hunter and the seasoned professional. You can turn it on and go or use the many advanced features to customize this detector for your style of treasure hunting.

An Exclusive Deal For Our Customers

When we heard that Bounty Hunter was only producing a limited number of these new units in time for the season, we stepped up and bought out the entire production run. We also negotiated a special package of metal detecting accessories and an extreme price discount for our customers. These units are available at this promotional price while supplies last. Compare this offer and we are sure you will agree that this is the best metal detector value on the internet!


Comfortable, Lightweight Design

Hunt for hours without fatigue. This is one lightweight, fully featured metal detector that lets you do it all! Now you can hunt for hours at the beach, parks, old home sites, school yards or in the woods. Discover the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics with the Bounty Hunter Platinum. This is Bounty Hunters' top of the line metal detector. The detector features both audio and visual target identification, custom modes, an expanded depth reading and a jumbo LCD display screen. The Platinum features a ground balance adjustment to eliminate the effects of minerals at the beach.



Cutting Edge Design, Incredible Depth & Performance

The Bounty Hunter Platinum was designed under the direction of Dave Johnson, Chief Designer for First Texas Products. Dave is one of the top engineers in the metal detecting industry. He has designed leading-edge metal detectors for American manufacturers for over 25 years. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is one of his latest accomplishments for the Bounty Hunter brand. Many of his design platforms are the backbone of several companies high end product offerings today. Pictured below, you can see that the engineering team works hard and plays hard.


Jumbo LCD Target Identification Display

The Bounty Hunter Platinum features a large, easy to read display that will identify the target before you dig it! The display is easy to read outdoors and measures a full 3 inches by two inches. The display will identify common targets such as iron, foil, nickels, soda can pull tabs, screw caps, pennies dimes quarters etc. The Platinum will also provide a unique target identification number for every target. This additional dimension of target identification is important when searching for unusual relics or targets with a unique level of conductivity like gold coins, civil war relics including buckles, buttons and mini balls. The advanced identification features found on this detector will help you dig less trash and find more treasures. Make the most of your time in the field with the Bounty Hunter Platinum. 

Features Four Custom Modes

Bounty Hunter engineers started with a clean slate when they introduced the new Bounty Hunter Platinum. The Bounty Hunter Platinum model is feature-packed yet offers turn on and go simplicity. This top model adds four custom programs: A discriminate mode, a pinpoint mode, a ground grab mode and an all metal mode. This metal detector sets a new standard for high end features and value. Feature for feature, this model goes far beyond the competition. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is lightweight, well constructed and deep seeking. This detector is easy to use and features intuitive controls.


Discrimination Mode - This mode is the default mode and is the mode most commonly used for continuous searching. Like most modern metal detectors, it requires the searchcoil to be in motion in order to detect and identify targets. In this mode, targets are identified with distinct tones, and are classified in categories at the top of the display. A two-digit numerical value, on a scale of 10 to 99, is displayed in the middle of the screen. The depth range of the target is also displayed at the bottom of the display. All menu items can be selected, customized or changed in this mode.


Pinpoint Mode - Pinpoint is used to find the exact location of a target which was previously located and identified using the discrimination mode. As this mode does not require motion over the target, you can move the coil more slowly and then narrow the detection field when near the target.


Ground Grab Mode - All soils contain minerals. Signals from ground minerals interfere with the signals from metal objects. All soils differ and can differ greatly in the type and amount of ground minerals present. This detector incorporates ground balancing algorithms which eliminate interference caused by the ground minerals found in most soils. The quick and easy to use Ground Grab feature, allows the user to more precisely calibrate the detector's internal circuitry to the specific ground you are searching.


All Metals Mode - This mode is a no-motion mode. Metal targets are detected with the searchcoil motionless over the target. Target identification is not possible in this mode. All metal objects will induce a single monotone hum. The 2-digit value in the middle of the screen represents the approximate target depth, in inches.


Made In the USA - 5 Year Warranty

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is crafted in the USA and is backed with a 5 year parts and labor Warranty. This model features an easy to read jumbo LCD display with digital target identification and depth readings.  The Bounty Hunter Platinum features a ground balance adjustment that allows the detector to operate in the toughest, most mineralized soil conditions. There are no complex adjustments or settings to worry about. Just turn it on and go! Start having fun with this model from your first time out. This model will locate coins, rings, gold and relics. Use it at parks or at the beach. No matter how you look at it, the Bounty Hunter Platinum offers the best quality, price and features. To top it off, this model is backed by a full 5 year warranty.

A Deep Seeking Coil Design

The Bounty Hunter Platinum detector model features a cutting edge concentric search coil design. The triple spoke design punches down deep and cuts through iron and aluminum trash. The concentric coil winding produces smooth operation for all types of treasure hunting. The search coil is waterproof and features an 8" diameter... a perfect balance between depth and sensitivity. Experience powerful, deep target detection and easy pinpointing.

Understanding the Bounty Hunter Platinum Concentric Search Coil Design:

The Bounty Hunter Platinum concentric coil is engineered with both an inner circle and an outer circle wire winding. The search pattern produced is cone shaped and is excellent for accurately pinpointing targets with ease. This Bounty Hunter Search coil includes the latest technology and is waterproof and electro statically shielded.  In general, larger search coils will give better depth with larger targets and better ground coverage. However, sensitivity to smaller objects may be sacrificed. Smaller search coils will offer greater sensitivity to smaller objects and improved target separation in trashy soil. This coil offers the perfect balance of depth and sensitivity.

Four Tone Audio Target Identification System:

While the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is very accurate in identifying buried objects, you may not be looking at the screen as you walk over an item. The detector has 4 audio tones and will be your first alert to a buried object. This audio feedback system will first alert you to the presence of an object. Then look to the LCD display screen, to show in vivid details, what you have located. The detector has up to four different tones, depending on the object detected.

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector Product Specifications:

  • Jumbo 2 Digit LCD Target Readout
  • LCD Depth Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • No Motion Ground Grab
  • Push-Button Pinpoint Control
  • 4 Modes of Operation
  • Computer Assisted Ground Balance
  • 8 Inch Open Face Coil System
  • Numeric Depth Display
  • Progressive Discrimination
  • 4 Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Overload Alarm System
  • Arm Strap Included
  • Arc Stand Built Into Handle
  • Padded Arm Rest
  • Comfort Hand-Grip
  • Power Supply: One 9V Alkaline Battery (not included) Click Here to Add 1 Battery to Your Order
  • Adjustable 3 Piece Aluminum Stem
  • Headphone Jack
  • Made In USA
  • 5 Year Warranty 


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