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Pentax R-325NX Total Station

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Product Description

Pentax R-325NX Total Station

• Surveying
• Construction
• Industrial applications
• Free Station
• Stake Out
• Reference Line / Arc
• Area Calculation
• Tie Distance
• Height transfers
• Inaccessible Points

The R-300X-series from Pentax incorporates two precise user
selectable lasers, made for high survey throughput and improved measurement efficiency in any possible job. This makes the Pentax R-300X Total Station a versatile measuring system that brings you and your customers important cost savings.

These features, together with a measurement time of 0.4 sec in tracking mode and 1.2 sec in quick mode, contribute to excellent productivity with Pentax's R-300X Total Stations.

Large memory
All functions are initiated from just five function keys.
A function that keeps the operation intuitive and logical. Easy-to-use alphanumeric keys (10 keys) allow you to enter quickly specific characters, numbers and other information.

The on-board memory of 18,600 measuring
points (XYZ) allows you to handle efficiently any measurement and survey tasks.
Max. 2.000 measuring points (XYZ) can be recorded in one job file. The user can make up to 20 job files.

• Four classes of angular accuracy
2” (0.6mgon); 3” (1mgon), 5” (1.5mgon)
and 6” (1.9mgon)
• Prismless Auto Focus EDM
Reflective tapes may also be used as targets
• Auto Focus [World First Triple Focusing System]
• World First Dual Prismless Mode EDM [90 / 270m]
• Telescope with 30x magnification
• Visible Laser pointer
• Automatic Atmospheric Correction
• Indicator LED for Laser beam
• Ni-MH Battery

With the compact standard camcorder Ni-MH
battery (rechargeable DC6V), the R-300X user can go anywhere to measure for up to a whole working day (6 - 12 hours) without having to depend on a power source.

• Large graphic display
Large 20 character x 8 line graphic display for simple operation.
• Electronic vial easy-to-operate through
function keys.
• Incorporated date clock for more efficient job management.
• Alphanumeric Keyboard (10 easy-to-operate keys)
• Compact and Lightweight (12.1lbs / 5.5kg - 12 .6 lbs / 5.7kg battery incl.)
• Dual Axis Compensator guarantees perfect horizontal and vertical alignment and performs fine levelling.

Triple Axis Compensator for R-322 and R-323 models (NX and EX).
• Highest standard in Waterprotection IP56 (following the IEC 60529 standard).
• Laser plummet for easy and quick set-up
Makes it easy to center over a set up point and step-by-step adjustable intensity of the plummet laser point to critical lighting conditions.

• On-board memory: 18,600 points
• Measurement time to prism/reflector sheet: 0.4 sec in Tracking Mode and 1.2 sec in Quick Mode setting
• EDM accuracy: ± (2+2ppm) on all models,
except R-326EX ± (3+2ppm)
• Date clock on all non prism models
• Reflectorless measuring up to 270m
• Single prism measuring up to 4.500m (14,764 ft), with ± (2+2ppm) accuracy

• Autofocus (World First Triple
Focusing System)
• 30x magnification of telescope
• Large, high resolution screen guarantees a clear display
• Intuitive program structure

No more obstacles on the construction site with Pentax R-300X.
Simply select the desired laser mode by striking one of the five function keys and you can measure objects up to 270 meters away without a prism.

The R-300X Total Stations incorporate a clock allowing time and date data to be recorded in the jobfile, making it possible for the user to effectively manage job history.

R-300X comes equipped with full-featured
PowerTopoLite software that helps you handle your most difficult survey jobs. This powerful software package features an easy-to-use operator interface that guides you through all measuring jobs.
PowerTopoLite’s architecture provides open access to a number of powerfull integrated functions to solve any advanced surveying application.

The R-300X complies with the most stringent international industry standards. It is designed and engineered to ensure accuracy and reliability under the harshest work conditions, at the same time protecting your investment. (The degree of protection against dust and water of the R-300X complies with
the International Protection standard IP56 defined following the standard IEC 60529).


Pentax R-300X Series Specifications
Reflectorless items are applicable to "NX" models only
R-322NX R-323NX R-325NX R-335NX R-315NX
R-322EX R-323EX R-325EX R-335EX R-315EX R-326EX

Telescope Image: Erect
Magnification: 30 X
Resolving Power: 3 sec.
Optical Aperture: 45mm (EDM aperture:45mm)
Field of View: 1°30’ (2.6%)
Minimum Focus: 1.0m
Recticle Illumination Intensity Settings: 10 steps
Auto Focus/Power Focus: Yes (and Manual) No (Manual)
Method: Phase Differential
Power: Main battery
Pointer: Visible laser

Laser class Visible Laser:Class II (2) / Class IIIa (3R) - long range mode in Reflectorless ("NX" models only) Visible Laser:Class II (2)
Measurement Range (Good condition):
Reflectorless 1.5m - Normal range mode: 90m / Long range mode 270m ("NX" models only) - Reflector sheet 1.5m - 600m (800m)
Mini prism 1.5m - 1100m (1600m)
1P 1.5m - 3400m (4500m) 1.5m - 3000m (4000m) 1.5m - 2000m (2800m)
3P 200m - 4500m (5600m) 200m - 4000m (5000m) 200m - 2800m (3500m)

Prism ±(2+2ppm x D)mm ±(3 + 2ppmx D)mm
Reflector sheet
Reflectorless 1.5 to 200m: ±(5 + 2ppm x D)mm 1.5 to 200m: ±(5 + 3ppm x D)mm -
Over 200 to 270m: ±(7 + 10ppm x D)mm Over 200 to 270m: ±(7 + 10ppm x D)mm
At Auto-Atm.Correction Prism, Ref.sheet: ±(2 + 10ppm x D)mm / Reflectorless: ±(5 + 10ppm x D)mm ("NX" models only) ±(3 + 10ppm x D)mm
Minimum Count Fine Mode (0.1mm) Normal Mode (1mm) Track Mode (1cm)

Measuring Time
Repeat meas. Normal: Prism, Ref.sheet 2.0sec. (1mm) Normal: Prism, Ref.sheet 1.2sec.(1mm)
Track: Prism, Ref.sheet 0.4sec. (1cm) *Quick mode Initial meas. Normal: Reflectorless 2.3sec. (1mm) Normal: Prism, Ref.sheet 2.5sec.(1mm)
("NX" models only) *Quick mode
Target selection
Non Prism 0 offset -
Reflector sheet 0 offset / +99 ~ -99 offset
Prism 0 offset / -30 offset / +99 ~ -99 offset

Angle Measurement
Type: Absolute Rotary Encoder
Method Horizontal: 2 sides / Vertical: 2 sides
Accuracy: (ISO17123-3) 2” 3” 5” 6”
Minimum Count: 1”
Compensator: Triple Axis, Dual Axis
Display Type Graphic LCD / 20 Alphanumeric 8 Lines / 240 x 96 Pixels
Quantity 2 1 (2nd Optional)
Keys 22 each (12 numeric / 5 function / 5 special)
Display back light Intensity settings: 10 steps
Date Clock
NX MODEL Yes Yes -
Tangent screws 2 speed 1 speed
Plate (electronic) 30”/ 1 div.
Circular 8’/ 2mm
Plummet Visible laser
Accuracy ± 0.8mm (instrument height 1.5m)
Intensity 10 steps
Base Tribrach Shifting Fixed Tribrach
Working temperature -20° C ~ +50° C / -4° F ~ +122° F
Dust and Water protection IP56
Tripod thread 5/8 x 11
Instrument dimensions 177 (W) x 343 (H) x 177 (L) mm
Inst.weight (with battery) 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs
Case dimensions 268 (W) x 442 (H) x 465 (H)mm
Case weight 3.8 kg / 8 lbs
Battery Varies by country (standard camcorder battery, Ni-MH rechargeable DC6V)
Charger Input voltage AC 100~240V (AC01) Output voltage DC7.5 (BC03)
Internal Memory
Coordinates data 18.600 points 16.000 points 12.000 points

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